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Table Viewer Functions



The Table Viewer displays the gene expression values for the selected dataset. You can select a single, multiple, or a series of genes or samples for display in a Coordinate Plot or Summary Statistics chart. If you select a pair of genes or samples, you can display a Scatter plot. A selection of genes also can be used to create a gene list.



1. Click on a dataset in the Experiments navigator pane. The dataset is highlighted.

2. Click the Table View toolbar icon , or right-click the item and select Table View. The dataset is displayed in a table.

Making Selections

Genes are assumed to be in columns; samples are assumed to be in rows.

To use the highlighted items in a plot, right-click on the table viewer and select from the shortcut menu.


Resizing the Columns

The columns in the table viewer are equal in width, so when you perform a column width adjustment, it affects all columns equally. Note that on large datasets, resizing the columns can be slow.

1. Position the mouse cursor on the divider between two column names. The cursor is drawn as a two headed arrow.

2. Click and drag right to widen the columns, or drag left to shrink the columns.


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