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The Description Pane



The Description pane is located in the lower left of the main window. It shows information about the item highlighted in the navigator pane, or a gene highlighted in a table or on a plot. This information can include:

In GeneLinkerô, we refer to a dataset which has both treatment and control values stored as Two-Color Data. In the description pane for such a dataset it will say Two Channels Available: Yes. If the description pane does not say this, then GeneLinkerô does not have the required two values for each spot and cannot treat the data as Two-Color Data. If you believe you imported two-color data but the description pane says Two Channels Available: No, re-examine your data and your choice of a data import template. Two-Color Data can be imported using GenePix, Quantarray and Scanarray templates, but not all templates of those types import two-color data.




Changing the Height of the Description Pane


Hiding the Description Pane


Restoring the Description Pane


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