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Tutorial 7: Step 7 View IBIS 2D LDA Search Results



This plot is similar to the one for the 1D results seen earlier. The changes are in the Genes column, where instead of having single genes, each entry is a pair of genes. Also, there is a new Genes list box at the right, allowing you to view and sort the unique genes found in multiple proto-classifiers.



If the IBIS Search Results Viewer is already displayed, skip to #2 below the image.

1. Double-click the IBIS Search Results LDA 2D item in the Experiments navigator. The item is highlighted and the IBIS Results Viewer is displayed.


In the IBIS 2D LDA results we see that our accuracy values range as high as 83%. So using genes which were filtered so as to omit the best individual genes, we can still obtain classification accuracies comparable to those obtained with single genes, which were in this case as high as 83%. This highlights the potential of combinatorial classifiers and predictors.