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Tutorial 3A: Step 2 Perform Partitional Clustering


Perform Partitional Clustering

1. If the new Norm: Scaled min to max dataset in the Experiments navigator is not already highlighted, click it.

2. Click the Partitional Clustering toolbar icon , or select Partitional Clustering from the Clustering menu, or right-click and select Partitional Clustering from the shortcut menu. The Partitional Clustering parameters dialog is displayed.

3. Set dialog parameters.



Clustering Orientation

Cluster Genes

Distance Measurements: Between Data Points


Algorithm Properties: Type


Algorithm Properties: Neighbors to Examine


Algorithm Properties: Neighbors in Common



4. Click OK. The clustering operation is performed and upon successful completion, a new J-P (6,2): genes | Euclid | average experiment is added to the Experiments navigator under the original dataset.

If you have automatic visualizations enabled in your user preferences, a matrix tree plot of the clustering results is displayed.