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The Find function highlights the first gene (or cluster that contains the gene) which matches or contains the search string. This function applies to most plots and table views.



1. Display a dataset in a table or color matrix plot or display a plot of an experiment.

2. Click the Find toolbar icon , or press <Ctrl> F, or select Find from the Edit menu. The Find dialog is displayed.

3. Set the Find parameters.



Find what

Type the search string into this text box.

Match Case

Check this box to search in a case-sensitive manner.

Find whole words only

Check this box to find only whole words that match the search string. For example, if you check this option and search for the string ‘G52’, the gene ‘AG52’ would not be found even though it contains the search string.


4. Click Find. The Find operation is performed and the name of the first gene  that matches the search string (or cluster containing the gene) is highlighted in the table or plot. The search string and the gene containing it are listed in the status bar.


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