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Creating Variables



See Variables Overview for a detailed discussion of variables.

In many cases you will want to import a variable from a datafile. It is likely that most clinical variables will be imported this way. However, sometimes it is useful to be able to create a variable directly within GeneLinker. For example, there may be one or two samples that you realize have been mislabeled or that cannot be used in a particular analysis. To eliminate samples from a dataset you can define a variable, assign values to it and then use GeneLinker's sample removal capability to delete those samples from further analysis.

Another use for variable creation is resampling studies. GeneLinker's variable creation function makes the creation of randomized copies of an existing variable simple, making it possible to re-run analyses with the randomized variables to estimate the significance of results. Coupled with GeneLinker's meta-scripting capabilities this makes resampling analysis straightforward.



1. Click a dataset in the Experiments navigator. The item is highlighted.

2. Select Create Variable from the Statistics menu. The Create Variables dialog is displayed.


3. The Source Variable for the variable data is listed just below the Dataset. To change the source variable, select from the options in the drop-down list. If no variables exist for the dataset the list will contain only , which will create a variable with all "Unknown" values. Whenever a new source variable is selected, GeneLinker automatically creates a temporary copy of this variable, which is not made permanent until the Create button is pressed.



To edit the contents of the new variable file, click the Edit button. The Create Variable preview dialog is displayed.


Create Variable Type

To create a new variable type, click New Variable Type (or if there are no existing types, this dialog will be displayed automatically).


6. Click Create. The variable data is imported into the database, and in the Experiments navigator, the dataset icon is marked with the variable tag ( for a complete dataset or for an incomplete dataset).


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