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Importing Variables



See Variables Overview for a detailed discussion of variables.



1. Click a dataset in the Experiments navigator. The item is highlighted.

2. Select Import from the File menu and Variable from the sub menu. The Import Variables dialog is displayed.


3. The Source File for the variable data is listed just below the Dataset. To set the source file, click the ... button. This displays the Open dialog.

4. Navigate to the correct folder and click on the variable data file name.

5. Click Open. The source file name is displayed on the Import Variables dialog and the number of observations in the file is listed. The number of observations in the file must match the number of samples in the dataset.



To preview the contents of the new variable file, click the Preview button. The Import Variable preview dialog is displayed.


Create Variable Type

To create a new variable type, click New Variable Type (or if there are no existing types, this dialog will be displayed automatically).


6. Click Import. The variable data is imported into the database, and in the Experiments navigator, the dataset icon is marked with the variable tag ( for a complete dataset or for an incomplete dataset).


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