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Annotations Overview



An annotation is a text note that can be associated with a gene, sample, dataset or experiment. Annotations can be added, viewed, edited, output in a report, or deleted.

Annotations can be used to record your intentions and discoveries at each step of an analysis run from the initial raw dataset, through preprocessing of the data, to a final clustering, classification, or other experiment. These annotations can then be output as part of a workflow report.


Annotation Components


Gene Annotations

The scope of a gene is global, so the scope of a gene annotation is global. Wherever you view a gene (Genes navigator, gene list, dataset, or experiment), you can view its annotations.


Sample Annotations

The scope of a sample is local to a dataset and its descendent experiments (but not derived datasets). For example, if you annotate the first sample in a dataset and then you cluster it, the first sample in the clustered experiment has the annotation. If, however, instead of clustering, you normalized the dataset, the first sample in the normalized dataset will not have the annotation.


Dataset/Experiment Annotations

Any dataset or experiment listed in the Experiments navigator can be annotated.


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