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Annotations Viewer/Editor



The annotations viewer/editor is used to view, add, edit, or delete annotations for a item. An item can be a gene in the Genes or Gene Lists navigator, a gene or sample in a table or plot, or a dataset or experiment listed in the Experiments navigator.



1. Click an item. The item is highlighted.

2. Click the Annotate toolbar icon , or select Annotate from the Edit menu, or right-click the item and select Annotate from the shortcut menu. The Annotations for editor dialog is displayed.

3. Click an annotation (blank to add) in the upper list box. The annotation is highlighted and the details of that annotation appear in the Subject and text boxes in the lower part of the dialog.

Adding/Editing an Annotation

Deleting an Annotation

4. Click OK to apply the changes, or Cancel to discard changes made since the editor was opened.


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