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Using the Experiments Navigator



The Experiments navigator displays a hierarchical tree listing of all of the datasets and experiments you have in your GeneLinkerô database. Clicking the Experiments tab brings the Experiments navigator to the front.




Expanding the Tree


Collapsing the Tree


Toggling Between the Expanded and Collapsed State


Selecting an Item


Displaying the Shortcut Menu




Double-Click an Item

Function Invoked

Dataset (complete or incomplete, raw data, preprocessed, discretized, with or without variables, etc.)

Color Matrix Plot

Clustering experiment (hierarchical or partitional)

Matrix Tree Plot

SOM experiment

SOM Plot

PCA experiment

3D Score Plot

F-Test results

F-Test Viewer

Platinum SLAM results

SLAM Association Viewer

Platinum Classification results

Classification Plot

Platinum IBIS search results

IBIS Search Results Viewer

Platinum IBIS classifier

Classifier Gradient Plot


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