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Tutorial 9: Step 4 Classify Test Data


We now further test our classifier by predicting the classes of some samples which it has not already seen. These are in the Khan_test_data dataset.


Classify New Samples

1. Select the Khan_test_data in the Experiments navigator.

2. Click the Classify toolbar icon , or select Classify from the Predict menu, or right-click the item and select Classify from the shortcut menu. The Classify parameters dialog is displayed. TODO Redo this screen shot.

3. Set dialog parameters.




Type in a name for the variable which will contain the predicted classes of the test data. Predictions is a suitable name in this instance. (If you were planning on doing multiple different predictions, you might want to give it a more distinctive name.)


If you wish, click in the field and type in a long, informative description to the prediction being carried out.


This displays a subset of the Experiments navigator containing those classifiers that can be applied to the dataset. Click on the SVM: training classes item beneath the Khan_training_data heading (the classifier just trained).


4. Click OK. The Classify function is performed, a new variable is added to the dataset family, and a new Classify item (named Predictions) is added the Experiments navigator under the Khan_training item.

If you have automatic visualizations enabled in your user preferences, the Classification plot is displayed showing the classification results.