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Tutorial 9: Step 1 Import the Data


Import the Data

Two datasets need to be imported to perform this tutorial. The first is 'Khan_training_data' and the second is 'Khan_test_data'. Follow the procedure for importing the first dataset and then repeat it for the second (using the correct dataset file name).

1. Click the Import Gene Expression Data toolbar icon , or select Import from the File menu and Gene Expression Data from the sub menu. The Data Import dialog is displayed.

2. Set the Gene Database to Custom. (On the second import, you should find the dialog retains the setting you gave it on the first import, so no need to reset it.)

3. Click the Source File button. The Open dialog is displayed.

4. Click the file 'Khan_training_data.csv'. (For the second import, 'Khan_test_data.csv').


5. Click Open. The Data Import dialog is updated with the file name.


6. Click Import. The Import Data dialog is displayed.

7. Click OK. The dataset is imported and a new item is added to the Experiments navigator. Repeat the import process for the second dataset.


For detailed information on importing data, see Data Import Step 1: Selecting a Template.