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Tutorial 1: Conclusion


The analysis steps in this tutorial are captured in the GeneLinker MetaScript Tutorial1.glm. If you select the top-level data table for this tutorial in the Experiments navigator and click on the Tools menu, you will see the "Run MetaScript" item highlighted. Click on this item and select "Tutorial1.glm". The analysis steps in this tutorial will be run automatically.

The meta-script for this tutorial uses the GeneLinker scripts: DivideByMax.gls, HierGenesEuclidAverage.gls and K-MeansEuclidAverage.gls. These scripts can be applied to your own analyses, or combined in meta-scripts, as described in the GeneLinker scripting and meta-scripting documentation.

When you are finished, you can close all the open plots either by clicking on the 'x' box in the upper-right hand corner of each, or by selecting Close All from the Window menu.

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