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Exporting to PathwayAssist



Gene expression data can be exported directly into Ariadne Genomics'®'s PathwayAssist™ application (that will be launched automatically by GeneLinker™).


Enabling Export to PathwayAssist™

You must have Ariadne Genomics®'s PathwayAssist™ application installed to use this feature, so install it if necessary.

During the normal Ariadne Genomics' PathwayAssist install, .GPE files will be associated with the PathwayAssist application and an open command will be created that points to the installation of PathwayAssist. If double clicking on a PathwayAssist .GPE file doesn't result in the PathwayAssist application starting, it is likely that there is a problem with your PathwayAssist install and you should contact Ariadne Genomics' for assistance resolving the problem. If double clicking on PathwayAssist .GPE files starts the application but Export to PathwayAssist from within GeneLinker doesn't work, please contact our support department for assistance.

Pathways can be imported into Ariadne Genomics' PathwayAssist and expression data can be used to color pathways on a per sample basis. One application of this functionality is iterating through time series samples to see how the pathway is regulated. For further information about how to use gene expression data in the PathwayAssist application, please consult your PathwayAssist documentation or Ariadne Genomics.


1. Click a dataset in the Experiments navigator. The item is highlighted.

2. Select Export to PathwayAssist... from the File menu.

Once the dataset is in PathwayAssist™, if you want to keep the data set, please save it to a more permanent location from within PathwayAssist before closing the application.


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