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Create IBIS Classifier From IBIS Search Results



An IBIS classifier can be created from a proto-classifier created by the IBIS search process. It is created using the parameters that were specified for the search. A proto-classifier has a better chance at being a good classifier if it shows high accuracy and low error. Another path from this point is to create a gene list of genes that show up multiple times in higher ranking gene pair classifiers.



1. Double-click an IBIS Search Results item in the Experiments navigator. The item is highlighted and the IBIS Search Results Viewer is displayed.

2. Click on the gene/gene pair name of one of the listed proto-classifiers. The item is highlighted.

3. Click Create IBIS Classifier. The create classifier operation is performed recycling the parameters used to perform the IBIS search. Upon successful completion, a new IBIS Classifier item is added under original dataset in the Experiments navigator.



A Classifier Gradient Plot can be used to examine the results of the Create IBIS Classifier operation.


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