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GeneLinkerô Tour - Common Functions


Creating Gene Lists

A gene list is a list of one or more genes. Gene lists can be used to filter datasets to create smaller datasets for detailed study, or to share gene information with colleagues.


Lookup Gene in a Public Database

Select a gene in the Genes navigator or on a plot and lookup information about it in a public database. The gene information is displayed in your web browser.


Recording Your Work - Annotations and Reports

You can annotate your genes, datasets or experiments. These annotations are included within appropriate GeneLinkerô reports.

GeneLinkerô can generate a report on a specific item such as a gene, dataset, or experiment. Another type of report that can be generated is a workflow report. It includes all of the steps from the raw data to the selected experiment item.


Exporting Data and Images

A dataset can be exported to a text file.

Images can be exported to .png files.