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GeneLinkerô Product Suite



GeneLinkerô Gold is the first member of the GeneLinkerô family of products developed by Predictive Patterns Software Inc. (PPSI). This application gives you powerful tools to explore the data gathered from your gene expression experiments. With GeneLinkerô Gold, you can preprocess your data, perform clustering experiments, or principal components analysis and view the results of those experiments in many different plots and charts.


GeneLinkerô Platinum is the breakthrough product developed by PPSI. GeneLinkerô Platinum contains all the functionality of GeneLinkerô Gold plus many additional features including the proprietary SLAMô technology. SLAMô (Sub-Linear Association Mining) is an extremely fast, scalable association-mining algorithm that uses a novel sampling and binning scheme employing various hypothesis testing methods. This new technology breaks the combinatorial barriers that previously prevented the discovery and measurement of statistically interesting higher-order correlations in gene expression datasets. SLAMô can be applied to gene-gene and gene-phenotype interactions. It can also be used in the construction of predictive models relating any of: expression, proteomics, SNPs/haplotypes, toxicity response, therapeutic response, environmental, clinical outcomes, etc.


GeneLinkerô Diamond is an enterprise-wide software solution for the analysis of gene expression datasets. This innovative product offers all of your users the complete functionality of GeneLinkerô Platinum with the added benefit of a unified data source. The GeneLinkerô Diamond relational database repository of all of your genes, gene lists, datasets and experiments makes all of your data and discoveries immediately available to all of your scientists.


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